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Our Botox and Restylane Clinic is run by Mr Philip Connell FRCS a Consultant plastic surgeon based in Harley Street London.

Mr Connell performs Plastic Surgery at The London Independant Hospital in the city of London.

You will experience a relaxed and friendly private consultation with Mr David Connell MD of Cosmetique Clinics, whereupon you will receive an honest and informative view as to your needs.

Cosmetique Clinics Limited are the UK`s Largest provider of in salon Injectable Clinics with over 160 Salons in their network.
All treatments are undertaken by one of their Fully Qualified Doctors.            

All procedures at Brocklands are carried out by Mr Philip Connell FRCS


This is a simple,temporary,non-surgical procedure that smoothes frown lines.
It takes just a few minutes for the treatment to be administered and the results are seen between 7-14 days.
These areas can be treated seperately or together dependant on the desired effect required.
The optimum results soften and removes lines but retains a natural expression.
Botox is an affordable,effective way to smooth facial lines and achieve a younger, fresher look with the effects lasting 3-5 months.
Gradually the effect wears off, restoring the muscle to it`s original condition.
Botox can then be re-administered to maintain the desired effect.


his is a temporary filler used to smooth out facial wrinkles and enhance lips. It is a natural non animal product, identical to a substance already in the skin ( hyaluronic acid )
It works by filling  or plumping up folds and creases in the skin, where it has lost it`s natural elasticity and volume.
No test is required so treatment can begin immediately,the procedure takes around 30 minutes and the effects are seen immediately.
To maintain the effects most patients choose to have follow up treatments 6-12 months later.

The frequency of the clinic is determined by the customer demand.
An enquiry at the salon or by phone will give you all the information you should need and the date of the next planned clinic.
Before Botox
After Botox
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